It really is about the girl.

I’ve been studying men
since I was 4 years old.

But for more than half my life,
I was thoroughly confused by them.

Then I changed my angle to that of
a psychologist & couples counselor.

What I learned
thoroughly surprised me:

It’s really all about the girl.

Who knew, right?

THE BOTTOM LINE: My plan is to help us get what we want!
So check this out & let me know what you think.

p.s I realize that some of my readers are not currently involved in a romantic relationship. Maybe you’re one of them. But if you’re at all interested in enjoying a romance someday, you need to know this stuff. It will help you understand yourself better & help you choose wisely when the time comes.

Dancing the Two-Step

One thing I’ve noticed about my life …
So far, it’s been lived all out of order.

Two steps forward.
One step back.

I left home when I was 2.
Grew up when I was 4.
Became a teacher at 6.

Christian at 8.
Outcast at 12.

Married at 18.
Became a mom at 21
and independent by 35.

Raised three sons.
Enrolled in college
and met my dad at 40.

Went away to grad school.
Became a doctor (not a real one, of course).

Started a career.
Found my vision.

Failed. Again.
And again.

Finally fell in love.

That’s my story.
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A Queen & Her King

I love to see a woman who knows how to love her man. She knows he’s sensitive to her. And she uses that knowledge to build him up.

She responds lovingly to the man that God created him to be. Affirming both who he is – as well as who he is is becoming.

How does she do it? A Queen gives her King something he cannot get anywhere else. She nurtures his heart. Something every man needs. Daily.

Check out these examples.


God must be a baseball fan.

Right after I gave birth to my third son, the doctor suggested that I must be going for a basketball team.

My immediate thought was, “I’d rather have a baseball team.”

Not because I wanted nine sons. But because I like baseball better.

Some thoughts are better left unexpressed.

Anyway … God must be a baseball fan, too. Because He decided to start the Bible in The Big Inning.

Excerpt from Dr. Debi Smith, Ephesians 5 Romance: the Truth about Love

Perhaps You Should Just Give Up

You don’t understand. And you don’t have any idea how this situation could ever work out for your good. You’ve run out of advice for God, which has been thinly disguised as fervent prayer.

  • You are desperate for change.
  • But your mind is muddled & tired.

Then you remember Who He is.

  • He binds up the brokenhearted.
  • He resurrects your lost dreams.
  • He specializes in the impossible.

He is your Hope. You have no idea how He works. All you have are His promises. They are in your personal spiritual bank. And you don’t know how that works either. So you just give up & let Him handle it.

For no word from God will ever fail.
LUKE 1:37


Have your heart & your dreams been crushed by an unexpected turn of events?

What if God is in the midst of rescuing you from your version of His Dream for you?

We all have dreams. Ideas about what we want our lives to be. That’s how we were created: To dream. With God.

  • But so many times, we run ahead — plotting, planning, producing — full-speed into something that is far less than what Our Heavenly Father has planned for us. And we get ourselves into trouble. Big trouble.
  • We grasp & control, cry & despair. And we forget that God Himself has us — and His glorious plan — in process.
  • Even so, He never wavers in His desire to see us become all we are meant to be.

No matter where your heart & your dreams are today, Your Heavenly Father is saying to you …

I know the plans I have for you. They will stretch you. They are stretching you now. My plans are for your good and the only way you will be truly happy. Trust me. You are more dear and precious to me than you realize. I put those desires in your heart, and I am the only one who can fulfill them. Walk closely to me. You cannot screw this up. You cannot even delay it when you become fearful because I’m at work in your anxious times, too. Do not let shame rule over you. Do not listen to those lies. I will turn your mourning into dancing. You will face challenges, and you will overcome them all. Watch me. Watch what I do next. You’re going to love this one!