His Goodness

Are you overwhelmed by what’s been happening in your life? Why not learn to be overwhelmed by the Goodness of God instead? Reflecting on the process I’ve been going through for the past 7+ years, I’ve often wondered how I might have done things differently.

This morning I suddenly realized how silly that sounded. To expect that I could have handled those challenges differently was as ridiculous as expecting a newborn baby to have handled her own birth differently.

Indeed, I am a new creation.

A very different woman than I was on June 26, 2011, when The Lord fairly shouted four totally unexpected words deep into my being. His Voice was so loud – internally speaking – that I literally jumped.

He knows us so well.

  • Nothing is hidden from Him.
  • Not even our secret desires.
  • And He cares about it all.

It’s often said that the devil is in the details.

That is true. The enemy wants to destroy you because he knows who you are. But he cannot override what The Lord is doing.

Instead The Lord uses him to fulfill His purposes for us. He has the Power & Wisdom to turn whatever the enemy is doing against him. He is that Good.

What’s your job in your Process?

  • Stay plugged into Him.
  • Stand on His promises.
  • Look for His provision.

Believe & Wonder & Meditate on Who He is.

Every detail of our lives is being woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan to bring His Goodness into our lives. Because we are His lovers & have been called to fulfill His designed purpose. ROMANS 8:28

2 thoughts on “His Goodness

  1. I know the devil all too well. After discovering my husbands affair, my anger shifted to the other woman where I became obsessed with her, stalked her on social media and wished harm on her. I have written hateful letters to her but not sent them, this action does not feel good, yet I want her to feel pain even though I know it is useless. It leaves me feeling ugly and helpless, when I can have control over things I do that feel good. I know God’s plan for me because my husband says he chose to stay with me and that I am the love of his life and that the affair was unsustainable. A friend shared her image of driving a team of horses and that each time the horses pulled to the negative, or devil, she steered the team back to positive, hopeful thoughts, and God. I do have control over my thoughts, yet the devil still has some influence over them too. It is a lot of work to push negativity aside. I am counting on time to heal and God to lead me. I have evidence that God’s plan for me is a bright future, and my husband is working hard to reassure me, yet I have not pulled away from the devil completely and I am still haunted by my thoughts & images of my husband with another woman, at night, when I feel the most vulnerable and weak

    1. You are a brave woman. And a very wise one. Keep your eyes on The Lord, and He will show you the way through. Shut the door on the devil’s distractions. He has no right to torment you. Instead you have the right to set limits on him. How cool is that?

      This is a great tune to let run through you mind at night: https://youtu.be/sdvuCt83Pq8

      1 John 4:4

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