Confidence & Goodness

I remain confident of this:
    I will see the goodness of The Lord
    in the land of the living.

Yes, I totally trust in Him to rescue me from my enemies,
    so I can see once again how good He is while I’m still alive!

So why would I fear the future?
    For Your goodness and love pursue me all the days of my life.
    Then afterward, when my life is through,
    I’ll return to Your glorious presence to be forever with You!  PSALM 23:6

Don’t be fooled by those who speak their empty words and deceptive teachings telling you otherwise. This is what brings God’s anger upon the rebellious! Don’t listen to them or live like them at all.

Once your life was full of sin’s darkness, but now you have the very light of Our Lord shining through you because of your union with Him. Your mission is to live as children flooded with His revelation-light! And the supernatural fruits of His light will be seen in you — goodness, righteousness, and truth. Then you will learn to choose what is beautiful to Our Lord. EPHESIANS 5:6-10

I’m confident in The King of My Heart!
He is Good & He will never let us down!

He’s been Good a long time. And He knows what He’s doing!

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