Bold Prayer

In the summer of 2014, I prayed the boldest prayer I’d ever prayed. Yes, I’ve prayed a lot of prayers. But this one was life-changing in ways I could never have imagined.I’d just boarded a plane headed east to meet my youngest grandson for the first time. Exhausted, I opted for a silent flight. No music. No internet. Not even a book or magazine. Just my earplugs. And 4+ hours of quiet time with the Lord. What should we talk about?

What do you want for me, Lord? I’ve played it safe all my life. But from here on out, You call the shots, Papa. All of them. Let’s make the Second Half of My Life a Real Adventure! You write the script. I’ll follow Your direction & do whatever You ask of me. Whatever You ask.

He was listening, of course. And He reminded me of My Dream.

And put me on the Fast Track. He challenged me like I’d never imagined possible. And refined me in ways I didn’t know I needed to be refined. Here are just a few things I learned at a deeper level. How might they apply to you?

  • Submit to His Lordship. If He’s in charge, then He’s in charge. Follow Him. Always.
  • Trust in His Goodness. For everything. I mean literally. Everything. Anxious for nothing. I mean literally. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
  • Stand on His Promises. Learn to hear His voice best & to take Him at His Word. Always. Because He never lies. Never. And nothing is too hard for Him.

What Dream have you been trying to manage on your own? What would it take to move you forward?

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