Against All Hope

When your relationship isn’t going well and your man isn’t responding as you’d like, you may tend to focus on your own rejection and reason that your own situation is against all hope.

Yet, when all things are considered, you will begin to realize it isn’t about you & your mate. It’s about Who God is and His desire for you both to know Him.

Although it is absolutely true that God will never violate someone’s will, He has every intention of violating fear.

  • Because fear does not belong to us.
  • Although it does get inside us sometimes.

Nevertheless, God’s Loving Spirit is our heart’s Permanent Resident.

Papa, Your love is as powerful as light is against darkness.

We know this is True. Because it’s Who You are!

How can it be?

We’ve been convinced that fear overrides everything.

  • Yet a mother’s love calms a fearful baby.
  • And daddy’s arms make her feel safe.

Papa, Only You are The Perfect Parent. Deliver us from evil. Our Papa, Who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not yet exist as if they did. ROMANS 4:17b

You are Our Hope, Papa.

Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed … ROMANS 4

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