Making Sense of Men

A number of books about raising sons have appeared on the market in the past few years, partially in response to a wide acceptance of feminist psychology and the freedom women have come to enjoy.

In gaining their rights (e.g., to be educated, to vote, to work alongside men as equals) within a formerly patriarchal society, women have inadvertently altered men’s social roles as well.

Men, too, have been set free from previously rigid roles as husbands and providers, yet they are left without a clearly defined model of masculinity wherein they are also valued & appreciated, a model that parents could follow in raising emotionally healthy sons.

Boys & Maternal Attachment

This academic exploration of the mother-child relationship gives particular attention to its specific impact on male children & their emotional development. The issue of nature & nurture is addressed, as is the complex topic of boys & vulnerable emotions, with particular emphasis on guilt, humiliation, shame, anxiety, depression, anger, & rage.


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