It’s Natural

The Lord created Eve to be adored & pursued by Adam. It came naturally to him. As naturally as it was for Eve to live in respectful awe of this amazing creature with whom she shared The Garden. The Lord intends for you & the man you love to have that same experience. Without the disobedience, of course.

If that’s not your experience, then you’re living unnaturally.

That means the deceiver is at work in your mind & emotions. Just as he was in Eve’s. He will try his best to convince you that you were created in his image, not in the image of your Creator.

  • He plants thoughts in your mind that aren’t your own & makes you think it’s your own accurate assessment of your situation.
  • He points out the “evidence” that surrounds you & tricks you into trying to fix, manage, & control your man.
  • His most powerful weapon, however, is how he plays on your emotions. Especially fear. With minimal effort, he can get you to verbalize every deceptive fantasy he can get you to imagine.

But you know the Truth.
And you were created in His Image.

  • Meditate on that fact.
  • Live & move & breathe it every day.
  • Trust & follow The Lord as His beloved daughter.

The Holy Spirit gives you His power to demolish every deceptive fantasy that opposes God & break through every arrogant attitude that comes from the deceiver & is raised up in defiance of the true knowledge of God.


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