How to Stop Cursing

In the beginning, God spoke and the world as we know it came into being. Your words are powerful, too. Because you are created in God’s image. To be like Him, remember?

So you must be careful to speak blessings, not curses.

That means you must first be aware of your thoughts and feelings, which is where your words originate.

  • Your soul (your mind & emotions) is not designed to rule your heart.
  • Instead, your spirit is to work with the Holy Spirit to rule over your words. And to produce good fruit.

Your words are so powerful
    that they will kill or give life,
    & you will reap the consequences. PROVERBS 18:21

Make no mistake about it: God will never be mocked! For whatever you plant will always be the very thing that you harvest. GALATIANS 6:7-8

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