I’m amazed by how difficult it can be for women – myself included – to fully realize the power of their influence. As a result, we listen and respond from our souls (mind, emotions, will), rather than from our hearts (spirit).

  • We listen with our heads (mind),
  • are ruled by our feelings (emotions),
  • then react to external influences that tell us we must take charge (will).

That mindset inevitably leads to attack, blame, and criticism. And your primary target – a.k.a, the man you love – responds with defensiveness.

It’s really his only option.

A, B, & C > D

If you’re not sure if you’re attacking, blaming, or criticizing, just observe the result.

  • Is he defensive?
  • Or is he responsive?

If you’ve tried everything, and nothing is changing, maybe it’s because you need to be doing something different instead.

Jesus was fully human, just as you are. He lived His life fully connected to His Father, and their connection (conversations) empowered Jesus to know how to handle every situation. And He wants to do the same for you! JOHN 5:19-20

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