A Red Letter Day

I lost my favorite pen. Which happens a lot. So I went scrounging in my oversized pencil holder & found my old red pen. Writing with a red pen was common practice for me in years gone by – as a student & technical editor, then as a professor. As I thought about using red ink in my journal, it occurred to me that today must be a Red Letter Day.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a red letter day is a special, happy, & important day that you will always remember.

But using my red pen again also reminded me of the Bible. The Red-Letter Edition, which was commonly used when I was growing up, printed the words Jesus spoke in red ink.

Hearing From God

Of course, God speaks to us in many more Bible verses than the ones that are highlighted in red. And He speaks to us in many ways every day.

If you really tune in & listen for His voice, you too will begin to realize that each & every day really is a Red Letter Day.